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Falken 452 Tire 305/25/20

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Falken 452 Tire 305/25/20
Part Number: DP-F452-3052520
Availability: Out of Stock.
Falken 452 Performance Tire Size: 305/25/20 FK452 truly defines the ultra high performance tire. Falkens optimal performance FK452 is available in a wide array of diameters, 16 24 and staggered widths, making it versatile and resourceful. Five linear ribs and three-dimensional rounded tread blocks offer precise handling response. With a new silica compound and multi-angled grooves, grip is significantly improved in the wet, while tire wear resistance is kept to a minimum. FK452 features the latest developments in noise absorption technology due to phase-shifted random pitch variation, while handling response and high-speed stability are improved. FK452 also boasts a reinforced steel bead filler and a dual tread compound, enabling excellent handling and quick response, particularly for larger diameter applications.

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