1. Microfiber Wax Removal Towels

Microfiber Wax Removal Towels

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Microfiber Wax Removal Towels
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Microfiber Wax Removal Towels - Pack of 3 The Safe, Fast And Easy Way To Remove Wax When testing a variety of Micro Fiber Cloths it becomes clear that there are many different grades to choose from; from the ultra expensive to the inferior. When it comes to wax removal, just because it is an expensive towel doesn't mean it is the best choice. The non-abrasive, wedge shaped micro fibers in these towels, lift and hold onto wax better than cotton and are lint-free. Capable of holding more wax on the towel, you'll be turning over your microfiber less often. This makes wiping go much faster plus these cloths, when washed (without bleach) don't hold onto wax and other stains over time. Each set includes three 16" x 16" cloths.