1. Mild 2 Wild Switch for C6 Z06/NPP Exhaust

Mild 2 Wild Switch for C6 Z06/NPP Exhaust

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Mild 2 Wild Switch for C6 ZO6/NPP Exhaust
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MILD 2 WILD Z06 / C6 (2008 with NPP) Exhaust On Demand Imagine having the ability to turn your exhaust from MILD (exhaust ports closed) to WILD (exhaust ports open) using your OEM Homelink (found on your visor) or via the supplied remote. Also works with the new B&B fusion exhaust. This revolutionary product lets you control your, 2006/2007/2008 bi-mode exhaust system on demand via a tiny wireless remote or the Homelink feature in your car. One of the coolest technologies is the bi-mode exhaust. Whisper quiet up until 3500 RPM and then you'll hear a wide open race car sound as the flaps located in the tips open. The problem was the inability to control this feature. Up until now, the driver's only choice was to pull the fuse or to install wiring, drill a hole for a switch to turn the quiet mode off. Introducing the first and only wireless remote designed to give you full control over the exhaust. This patent pending product requires no drilling or running wires through your car. Its a simple 5 minute simple plug and play installation that anyone can do with ease! Once installed, you will have full control over the exhaust mode, via a simple ON/OFF remote wireless controller or your Homelink transmitter (simple programming required, instructions provided). You will get two sleek ON/OFF wireless controls that can be mounted anywhere and will control the exhaust up to 50 away. The OFF mode gives you that race car sound 100% of the time. The ON mode works as the stock setting and is quiet to preset OEM 3,500 RPM. The switch can be used anytime the car is running. How cool to stand behind your car and demonstrate the exhaust, using the remote! The system can be removed in seconds and you will never know it was there. You will receive the professionally engineered plug and play wireless receiver, two miniature remotes (batteries included) and the necessary homelink programing instructions. Fits: 2006/2007/2008 ZO6 or 2008 C6 with NPP (bimode) exhaust