1. Turbosmart Eboost 2 Controller 40psi Sport Compact (60mm) Black

Turbosmart Eboost 2 Controller 40psi Sport Compact (60mm) Black

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Factory Preset Mode provides beginners with an easy start-up option Advanced Mode unlocks up to 6 alternate boost mapping functions suitable for FWD, RWD, AWD, Bike and Drag racing needs Gear-based Boost Mapping set a different boost for each gear! Boost levels can also be mapped against TIME or RPM. Fully programmable auxilary output controls water spray, methanol or nitrous injection against Boost or RPM RPM Compensation Feature eliminates boost drop-off at high RPM Peak Hold/Max Boost Recall function monitors boost and RPM. Display can be configured to KPA, Bar or PSI Gate Pressure function eliminates wastegate creep e-Boost2s display is accurate to within +/-0.5% of full scale making it an ideal Boost Gauge! Programmable, audible warning alarm Integrated input for optional shift/warning lights